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Programme "Packages Tours" summer 2008

Saturday - afternoon -
Arrived to 14 hours - installations in lodging-

Free afternoon for uncoverred of the village of Tende. His Collegiate church of the century XV, his chapels, his fresco, his sculptured lintels in alleys of the village, his House of the Honey and of the Bee, his departmental Marvels museum .... Tende wishes you the welcome in the country top Mentonais.
Sunday:-9h30 to 16h00
Excursion in 4x4 in the Marvels Valley Visit of FONTANALBA site
Altitude 2018 - 2220 ms

Departure from Tende in 4WD for a day's discovery of the fauna, flora and engravings which are the fame of our valley. In the heart of the Mercantour National Parc, accompanied by a guide, you will enjoy the guided and commented visit of the engravings. After a lunch1 stop, you will admire Fontanalba "green lake", the twin lakes, and "frogs lake". Return to Tende or Casterino late afternoon by another trail across a gorgeous larch forest.Sumptuous !!
Monday - 8h30 to 15h30
Descent in Canyoning
Clue of the MAGLIA to Breil sur Roya

The canyoning is an aquatic outing in the waters of a mountain stream. Dressed in a combination in neoprene you will jump cascades, bassins of clear waters, natural toboggans. Walk, jumps and small descent climbing will be in appointment. Pic nic pose the midday. An exceptional contact with the water and the nature, magic instants. Unforgettable !!
Tuesday -11h30 to 17h00
Outing on horseback - CASTERINO

Departure to Tende direction the wick of Castérino for a rustic snack midday followed of a walk on horseback on heights. Discovery of Peirafica mountains. Accessible to all, same to beginners, this equestrian outing will enchant you by his exceptional landscapes.
Grandiosity !!
Wednesday -9hs00 to 12hs00
Distance covered Via Ferrata - Tende

The VIA FERRATA is a activity comprised between the outing and the Small climbing. Of military origin (create in Italy in Dolomites), this is today an activity who apply to all the family. Cables, ladders and overpasses who are arranged along rocky inners permit you to evolve easily and in all security on rocks who overhang the village. Fascinate !!
Thursday - 9hs00 to 13hs00
Descent in tubbing - Breil sur Roya

The TUBBING is an individual buoy principally used in stream to medium rate of flow. Very manageable, this coloured lively boat, transform the river in a giant toboggan. Security, emotions, pleasures and laughs warrant for this out of the common activity.
Friday - 9hs30 to 16hs30
days in 4x4 discoveries of the Marguareïs

at the outset to Tende, acces to heights by the old pass and military fortress. Direction the Marguareïs exceptional site of beauty. The trail follows the pits of caving. At midday, picnic pose to the Redempter (Italian placed statue in full mountain). Turn on Tende by « Baisse de Sanson » and the village of Brigue. Sole !!
Saturday - morning
Departure for 10 o'clok
End of the stay.

We hope that our programme has permitted you to have good hollydays.

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