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Outing in 4x4 : 2 & 3 august 2008

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    You are possessors of vehicles cross-country , come to live unforgettable instants to the wheel of your 4x4.
    Surround by a team of professional, the time of a week-end , go over ancient military tracks of the High Roya.
    Rustic meal the midday, to dine and prejudicial in highland hotel , visit of the village of Triora nationally known for his Sorceresses,
    sumptuous landscapes to cut the blow.. All is included
    You dream to go off in search of adventure but you are not in possession of vehicles? you can take puts aboard our 4x4 and taste to the liberty.

    Open the door and enter in Land of Escape

    Mercantour Monts et Merveilles - Pierre BERLIERE - 44 rue Béatrice LASCARIS - 06430 TENDE - Alpes-Maritimes - Région PACA - FRANCE
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